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Shonte Renee describes herself as a liberated woman who lives life on her own terms. The Atlanta, GA native is a soulful and melodic singer that released her first EP The Introduction last year, to rave reviews.

I’m very proud of this first project! It really has something for everybody on there! People have there different favorites on the album! And I definitely gain some fans from releasing this project! What I learn from this recording process is, it take a dope team to make something great!”, explains Shonte.

On the very first track “Cum & See” from the project, she introduces herself to us with the words: “It’s time for a new Queen of R&B“. And you are probably all thinking right now, how she can be so self-confident? Well, she’s the first lady of a label that has had multi-platinum success with its roster, and the young songstress plans to keep the legacy alive.

I call myself the queen because it’s the way I perceive myself personally! And I feel like I rule over anything I touch and put my hands on! I am pursuing to be an R&B singer and I know I will rule! So I’m the queen”, she explains.

She started her professional career when DJ Montay saw her a capella cover of the T.I. track “Guns And Roses” featuring Pink, which she simply just posted on Instagram. He immediately signed her to Oomp Camp Records. As some of you might not know, DJ Montay is also T-Pain’s DJ. That was the way he introduced Renee to famous auto-tune-using guy, and then they recorded their first song together titled “Rock With You” in 2016.

Now her new record The Introduction is being promoted with the energetic and sassy single titled “Want This”. Speaking about how the record came together, Shonte says, “T-Pain had his verse recorded and I love the song, and Montay and I thought it would be dope to make ‘Want This’ another collaboration. The video was wonderful energy and chemistry on set! It comes naturally when we are together”.

Renee releases most of her songs on Soundcloud. One of them is a beautiful cover of Janet Jackson’s “Any Time, Any Place”, for her 2016 mixtape Color Me Bad (RED). She even recreated Janet Jackson’s infamous Rolling Stone magazine cover for the mixtape artwork. “She is my number one inspiration! From her sex appeal and her take risk attitude! I feel like I can relate to her as an artist”.

Shonte is sexually expressive not only with her music, but also with her social media. In the music industry, which unfortunately is still full of sexism, you might be mistaken as somebody too vulgar or called out for seeking attention with her beauty. “Yes I get misunderstood a lot! It sucks because I’m just being myself. It’s not an act for attention… I really was born this way! Most of the time I ignore the judgement”.

Reminiscing about her beginnings, she says: “My journey started at 5 when I discovered I had vocals and was singing in the choir at church leading songs! I loved Janet Jackson, Britney Spears, J.Lo, and Toni Braxton… They created who I am today as a artist”.

Shonte is definately that one unapologetic star with incredible talent. She’s a refreshing mix of sex symbol, rebel, and sweetheart. Her appeal might let her push boundaries not only with her sound, but also with her charismatic personality, and dope style. “My next plan is to keep putting out great music! I want to start touring very soon! Get my singles on heavy rotation on major radio stations! Keep promoting and getting my streams up!”.

Keep tabs on Shonte Renee on Instagram and Twitter. Her new project The Introduction is out now via Big Oomp Records, purchase it on iTunes here, and stream it below.